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The Vehicle Safety Technology Roadshow highlights the life saving benefits of Electronic Stability Control (ESC)

About Safe Cars Save Lives – Vehicle Safety Technology Roadshow

The Vehicle Safety Technology Roadshow highlights the life saving benefits of active vehicle safety technologies Electronic Stability Control (ESC), Predictive Emergency Braking Systems (PEBS) and Lane Departure Warning (LDW)

  • ESC is an Active Safety Feature that helps prevent crashes by stabilising vehicles when they begin to skid.  It uses intelligent sensors to detect skidding, then reduces engine torque and selectively applies brakes to individual wheels to bring the vehicle back on track.  It is particularly effective during sudden evasive manoeuvres.

  • Predictive Emergency Braking Systems (PEBS) uses radar and ESC technology to recognise a potential rear end collision ahead, warn the driver and take action through the braking system to avoid the collision or minimize the impact.

  • Lane Departure Warning alerts drivers when they are unintentionally leaving their lane. It uses a video camera to detect lane markings ahead of the vehicle and to monitor the vehicle's position in its lane.

    When it detects that the vehicle is about to unintentionally move out of the lane, it warns the driver by means of a visual, audible and/or haptic signal, such as steering wheel vibration

All three technologies have the capacity to prevent collisions and reduce the road toll but they need greater market penetration to realise their life saving potential. More vehicles are being fitted with them and programs like SafeCars are helping to create new and used car buyer awareness  so that they actively seek them when at their next purchase.

Life Saving Technology

According to European studies, ESC can help reduce crash-related death and injury because skidding is involved in 60 per cent of fatal crashes and a quarter of personal injury crashes.  If all vehicles were fitted with ESP, single vehicle crashes could be reduced by 40 per cent, saving approximately 50 lives in Victoria each year.

Sponsored by leading Victorian road safety agencies VicRoads, the TAC and RACV with components giant Bosch, the Safe Cars Save Lives – Vehicle Safety Technology Roadshow  aims to stimulate consumer demand for ESC-equipped cars and increase its adoption rate in high volume selling vehicles.  Without increased consumer demand, motorists may wait years for ESC to be a standard feature in locally available cars.

Invisible Technology – High Visibility Vehicle Safety Campaign

Through this campaign, the RACV, VicRoads and the TAC are urging all car buyers to consider ESC in their next car purchase, and do their research on vehicle safety by visiting

To help gain an appreciation of how ESC in particular works, a unique trailer has been built to house the Bosch ESC simulator. The simulator graphically illustrates and approximates the experience a motorist would perceive:

  • if a typical emergency situation occurred with and without ESC fitted to their vehicle

  • if they failed to react to a potential rear end collision (PEBS)

  • if they lost concentration and their vehicle unintentionally began to drift toward another lane

Not unlike a simulator ride in a computer games arcade, the simulator is a completely safe way to develop an understanding of the life saving benefits of these technologies.
The trailer can be made available to organizations that wish to help further the road safety message in any state. 

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