The trailer has a combined weight of approximately 1500 kilos. It should only be towed by vehicles appropriate for towing at that weight.

Drivers should:

Have experience towing

Have a properly rated tow hitch (rated at two ton)

Have an electric braking system fitted on towing vehicle.

Have caravan style side mirror extensions

Drive with extreme care



Width with side door down

2200 mm

Width with side door up

3700 mm

Length with hitch rear door down

5100 mm 

Length without hitch rear door down

4100 mm

Length with hitch rear door up  

6600 mm

Length without hitch rear door up

5600 mm


3000 mm


Power source

Power source is  best at 15amps to power the simulator and a separate 10 amps power for the, monitor and DVD player.


SafeCars is available to appropriate users by consent. It is a requirement of those who borrow the SafeCars unit that they take full responsibility for its security and general safe keeping. They will be held responsible for the cost of damages and repairs.

Equipment inventory

Bosch ESC simulator and control equipment including hard drive mini-hard case
LCD monitor
Two remote control units
Power leads
Four support struts
Stairs and hand rails
Phillips LCD HD screen
DVD player
DVD program